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From Past to Today Vintage Hair Styles

1930: Finger Wave

Hair trend of 1930 was a continuation of the 1920s.Biggest difference between the start of the women were dressed feminine.Finger wave have come ancient times to the present day an excellent model. This model is really to do with the fingers, finger wave is named. Both long and short haired women can use finger waves, composed of small and frequent waves hairstyle.

finger wave

1950: Hollywood

1950 is not possible to describe a single hairstyle. This period was a period of excellent women glamorous hair. Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Lucille Ball, Elizabeth Taylor as beautiful as the 1950s were famous. Everything they did was going fashion

Audrey Hepburn Hair

1960: Hippie Hairstyles

1960s Hippie Just comes to mind.
Through the Beatles Group in this period, not only in women, long hair, was very fashionable in men.
Hippies believed in naturalness. So long hair, using natural state; They were wearing bandanas or hair band.

hippie hairhippie hairs


1970: Disco Fashion

It was about everything in the 70s with disco.Everything from the clothes to the hair was reminiscent of the disco fashion.Farrah Fawcett was the queen of disco fashion

Farrah Fawcett Hair

1980: Madonna Hair Style

Madonna lived in period the most popular in the 1980s.
That time it was Lady Gaga.
Doing many things never been seen before, was a lot of talk.
Before long, everyone started to have a perm in hair like her

Madonna Hair Madonna Hairs


1990: Jennifer Aniston Hair Style

Jennifer Aniston in the 1990s for her role as Rachel in Friends series has attracted attention top of.
All the women wanted to have hair like her.
Aniston’s hair is still a lot of women use beauty, fabulous color and short bangs on the front side

Jennifer Aniston hair Jennifer Aniston Hairs

2000: Huge Waves and Flat Hair

The trends in hair fashion image of the past 10 years, long and big wavy hair.Britney Spears those applying this trend.Hair dryer made with flat hair at the beginning of the past 10 years of the classic models.Christina Aguilera uses at most famous of these models.Britney and Christina launched between these two trend are still women’s favorite .

Christina Aguilera HairBritney Spears Hair


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Vintage Hollywood Hair Styles

In the new season women elegant, stylish and full of Hollywood star will be as flashy.
Of the 1960s, the famous star of elegance, grace and hair style continues to attract the attention of today’s women.

Vintage Hollywood hair styles; seductive curls, elegant updos, Ertzeid Křepel fluffy hair and inspire hairdressers with hair.

No one is evergreen and always take a look to the hair style of iconic Hollywood stars What do you think?
For instance; Rita Haywort vaglia hair, Sophia Loren křepel and fluffy hair, Elizabeth Taylor’s wavy hair, Grace Kelly’s elegant knobs, Britget Bardot’s voluminous and fluffy hair vintage Hollywood hair styles in the most remarkable ones.


Vintage Hollywood Hairstyles
Rita Hayworth vintage hairstyle

Vintage Hollywood Hairstyles
Sophia Loren vintage hairstyle

Vintage Hollywood Hairstyles
Elizabeth Taylor vintage hairstyle

Vintage Hollywood Hairstyles
Grace Kelly vintage hairstyle

Vintage Hollywood Hairstyles
Bridget Bardot vintage hairstyle