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Vintage Woman and Vintage Hats

Gauzy hats or buckles, glittering bands; really elegant vintage hair accessories. These types of accessories can be used in elegant evening, you can create captivating images. At the same time, not gleaming hair bands using in daily life, you can revive old hippie fashion.

1910s film Titanic, as you remember, was the year that was the fashion of big hats. In the early 10s models popularized a large hat, then fur, ribbon or floral hats began to be fashionable

1950s after the war had started in the fashion world an amazing process. A stretched length of hair and a shorter dress, captures the changing, a shrinking pants were a bollaşıy. Completed the hat as an accessory replace all the clothes constantly guarded.

1960s longer freedom and equality has been is questioned for years. As well as the functionality of grace and elegance in fashion came to the fore. Flashy, with plenty of gauzy hat replaced, the people from the cold head or hat to protected from the sun has received.
1970s began to be preferred different models. As our country all over the world made of mink-shaped hat made of astrakhan caps with fashion started to become.

1980s the completely feminine models, we see that come to the fore. Paris and London street style reminiscent of the the sparkle into our lives with fashion stores, began to be followed more closely. Small but plenty of hats came to the agenda with accessories.

If you are an Vintage Woman at least one of these Vintage Hats Models for you! In special nights, friends, or business meetings or to make a difference in everyday use and if you want to put forth your style bravely vintage style hats can not think of a lovely accessory.

Now let a look at the photos and let’s find our hats! 🙂


Vintage Hairstyles For the Business World

That is comfortable and easy to use application that vintage hairstyle can choose in the business world.
When you wake up in the morning you can easily practice in a short time with vintage hairstyle can give your hair a nice image.

Vintage hairstyles for business world for you chose.

Lovingly …

To make this hairstyle, at bedtime with hair curlers soft sufficient to wrap. In the morning when you open your hand shaping and can leave the house.

This vintage hairstyle to make you need to wrap your hair with tongs thick ends. Then Please provide your hair shape your hand and insert the clasp on the sides as in the picture. I think a wonderful hairstyle.

On this vintage hairstyle do you spare for your hair. You put your hand then by crimping clasp. Quite easy and very pleasant.

In this picture, separating hair to the hairstyle hair On side of the toaster with toast are doing and do you wear a clasp. Very beautiful and comfortable in a vintage hairstyle.