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Vintage 2015 Short Hairstyles

Before you leave the house, from the shape of your hair, if you’re satisfied that day really will be better than others for sure. Always have a chance to make your hair (2015 vintage hair styles) will not go to the hairdresser. Both in terms of budget, both in terms of time. Life in rush, prepared in the fastest way to get out of the house may be required. Therefore, at such times, practical, and easy to make, hair models, will cover everyone’s needs.

Fashion, as with everything, also gives direction to hair trends. Every season changing trends and fashion styles with the hair we see that the differentiation. 2015 winter fashion hair style also fits and stylish hairstyles emerges. This winter fashion giants, vintage hair styles, hair colors and remarkable modern design, with reinterprets.

Vintage Short Hairstyles in 2015 is likely to see great interest. You, too, often preferred by Hollywood celebrities, from that hairstyle, by selecting the most suitable to your face, you can create your style. Especially in the summer, worn, spilled your hair more volume, and to add healthy appearance, in 2015 you Follow Vintage Short Hair Fashion!

Flat hair, layered hair cut, or asymmetrical style, with hair cut short, create your style! In fact, in this section that you can apply in all sizes, the model that suits your face, always you can find. For oval face, short cuts, provides a sophisticated look. Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, like celebrities, which uses a long time, from the asymmetric model, you select the most appropriate one for the new season can start a new style …

2015 vintage short hair trends we’ve compiled for you. That winter 2015 vintage hairstyles!

Asymmetric Cut Vintage Hair Model: To shape this hairstyle, you will need of different sizes brushes. In short sections of your hair with a small brush, curl sections of your hair for longer, you should use a bigger brush. If you want brush instead of your hair by using hair curlers, you can create great curls. Then, by squeezing a spray that gives shine to your hair, can finish shaping. Short asymmetrical cuts you are interested in, if you must know, this hairstyle is the secret of your hair longer where you left off side, layered to cut … yourself enough if you trust your hair a strong color painted, layered, those parts of the shading can think of. These bold hair, bold colors go very well …

Long asymmetrical cuts, if attracted to you, which is the most popular sections (A) shape, elongated towards the ends, cut the preference. In this haircut (Vintage 2015 short hairstyles), the back of your hair, short hair completely straight, cut the front to the right, hair, chin, or a slightly longer size, cut. This asymmetrical cut, when properly conducted, the difference in your hair, will be sufficient to eye-catching. In this manner the longer, if you have an asymmetrical haircut, you can create a flawless look. Your hair, giving volume shampoo, wash, and then, with a round brush, comb your hair and dry. The ends of your hair, curl the inwardly. To achieve a smooth appearance, hair, smooth with a hair straighteners. While doing this, surely, heat protectant hair spray, do not forget to use.

2015 vintage short hair trends

2015 Vintage Short Hair Trends

2015 winter fashion hair style

2015 Winter Fashion Hairstyle

victoria beckham's hair

Victoria Beckham’s Short Hairstyle

Vintage 2015 Short Hairstyle

Vintage 2015 Short Hairstyle

Vintage long asymmetrical cut hair

Vintage Long Asymmetrical Cut Hair

vintage long asymmetrical cuts hair

Vintage Long Asymmetrical Cut Hairstyles

Vintage Modern and Short Hair Styles

2014 give a modern look to women. This is also reflected in the hair. This year are getting shorter hair, women are more faces comes to the fore. Women seem to be more feminine and strong big waves scattered with short hair will animate. The long-haired women with big waves her hair will add natural air.
This year a nostalgic wind will change hair. Actress reminiscent of the 70s hairstyles for women to give a flawless look. Lightly swelled front, plenty of Křepel hairstyles of 2014 models will be an indispensable. This year imaging in a natural and free women, with the coolest hair styles will talk. Plain and simple cuts, though far from claiming on the other hand will reveal the forefront of women’s beauty. Straighteners and curlers will not be used very often 2014. Emerged from the bathroom and taken shape while drying hair with hair so cool to show you.
I think ladies hair used to be View given the more sophisticated and effort wants. Now, to wash the hair, apply creams and hairdryer pulled and leave home are living with such as a daily routine … Even so that even if these simple routine can sometimes be too much to like me. These images was suggestive of me quite. What do you think?
Clipped Bangs and Short Hair
Clipped bangs and short hair as it is now in the time of Audrey Hepburn was very popular.Clipped very short hair trimmed hair to recover from the classic image to give an untidy appearanceOnly a few tufts of hair dye to color your hair that color may look also spectacular!

Blunt Hair

Blunt hair in 2014 preferred hair about becoming an ever progressing, but the shape also varies by years in this 2-3 years ago, especially straight-haired ladies prefer the hair of the back is short, ears 4-5 cm below and in front of the jaws of the 3-4 cm under a hairstyle that would emerges as. Wavy and curly hair, which then began to prefer in and that hairstyle was quite loved. This year seems to be quite trendy blunt hair, of course, all the same size standard as the old ones, but asymmetric, or bangs, forelock hair with increasing modernity. Particularly blunt hair weather Beuty of people changes the feeling of waking up and summer is very comfortable to be used as a pattern emerges and light with the wave or hair curlers with small touches when the hair is just as vibrant and charming are showing.

Wavy Hair is Blunt

Wavy hair blunt one of the models of the 1960’s an indispensable! During that period, a favorite of young girls look sexy wavy hair with blunt are fascinated us all. This view adds an air of modern rebellious look through your hair to create a wavy blunt. Good girl distribute wave and spray use. Let your hair look modern and sexy.

Vintage Modern and Short Hair Styles 1 Vintage Modern and Short Hair Styles 2 Vintage Modern and Short Hair Styles 3 Vintage Modern and Short Hair Styles 4 Vintage Modern and Short Hair Styles 5 Vintage Modern and Short Hair Styles 6

Audrey Hepburn's Short Hair


From Past to Today Vintage Hair Styles

1930: Finger Wave

Hair trend of 1930 was a continuation of the 1920s.Biggest difference between the start of the women were dressed feminine.Finger wave have come ancient times to the present day an excellent model. This model is really to do with the fingers, finger wave is named. Both long and short haired women can use finger waves, composed of small and frequent waves hairstyle.

finger wave

1950: Hollywood

1950 is not possible to describe a single hairstyle. This period was a period of excellent women glamorous hair. Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Lucille Ball, Elizabeth Taylor as beautiful as the 1950s were famous. Everything they did was going fashion

Audrey Hepburn Hair

1960: Hippie Hairstyles

1960s Hippie Just comes to mind.
Through the Beatles Group in this period, not only in women, long hair, was very fashionable in men.
Hippies believed in naturalness. So long hair, using natural state; They were wearing bandanas or hair band.

hippie hairhippie hairs


1970: Disco Fashion

It was about everything in the 70s with disco.Everything from the clothes to the hair was reminiscent of the disco fashion.Farrah Fawcett was the queen of disco fashion

Farrah Fawcett Hair

1980: Madonna Hair Style

Madonna lived in period the most popular in the 1980s.
That time it was Lady Gaga.
Doing many things never been seen before, was a lot of talk.
Before long, everyone started to have a perm in hair like her

Madonna Hair Madonna Hairs


1990: Jennifer Aniston Hair Style

Jennifer Aniston in the 1990s for her role as Rachel in Friends series has attracted attention top of.
All the women wanted to have hair like her.
Aniston’s hair is still a lot of women use beauty, fabulous color and short bangs on the front side

Jennifer Aniston hair Jennifer Aniston Hairs

2000: Huge Waves and Flat Hair

The trends in hair fashion image of the past 10 years, long and big wavy hair.Britney Spears those applying this trend.Hair dryer made with flat hair at the beginning of the past 10 years of the classic models.Christina Aguilera uses at most famous of these models.Britney and Christina launched between these two trend are still women’s favorite .

Christina Aguilera HairBritney Spears Hair


Hairstyle Gallery:



Vintage Short Hairstyles of Celebritieslet

A few years ago many of us were afraid to cut our hair, even from the end.Now it? Short-haired women is increasing. In recent years has significantly increased the number of women with short hair.Wear your hair too want to make changes, or if you say I’m so bored now …

Do not wait, go to your favorite models by choosing hairdresser.

Which model would suit you to find the short hair to short hair, a look of celebrities. Your face and your style, select the most appropriate model!
Last year, the trendy short hairstyles with vintage sounds appealing to you,
if vintage short hairstyles of celebritieslet us examine together.

Charlize Theron
Charlize are used to seeing short hair, but this model has a different place of her choice.
This hairstyle bangs falling on your face and give her more lively expression showed much younger than.

Charlize Theron

Lady Gaga
Almost every concert are used to seeing with a different hairstyle Lady Gaga’s hair style its simplest, this romantic, I guess.

Lady Gaga

Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway, consistently emerges with different short hairstyle.

Anna Hathaway

Rihanna short hair certainly looks good. The model of a frame around the face, I think it Reveal the perfect face.


Emma Watson
Famous star natural hair color, the hair behind the ear with at season’s fashions have adapted to

Emma Watson

Katherine Heigl
Katherine Heigl not give up hair color, her hair gave a very nice bun image. If you want to try such a model, giving your hair unbranched or light waves foam or jelly scan backwards and insert the rear buckle.

Katherine Heigl

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham the pioneer of asymmetric hairstyles, hair in recent years prefers to gain volume.

Victoria Beckham

Halle Berry
Always short and wet-looking models we are accustomed to seeing this famous actress Halle Berry haircut certainly very natural. Wavy hair has been allowed to remain as it left scattered. Halle Berry looks very attractive

Halle Berry Waving ca. 2001

Milla Jovovich
Beautiful actress in this short hairstyle has created waves by preferring a different air. Milla hair Jovovich’n this an excellent choice for a special night.

Milla Jovovich

Renee Zellweger
Short hairstyles bangs in a model that we see a lot of use. Renee Zellweger was brave. Long, sparse has opted for bangs. The unkempt hair off your eyebrows look younger than than her years

Renee Zellweger

Keri Hilson
Beside ear, ending with combed hair sideways looks pretty cool, Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson


Celebrities Vintage Hairstyle Gallery:

Short Hair In Style Vintage

Short Hair In Vintage Style

1926 – 1962 years between the short and rather sad legendary living a life of Marilyn Monroe short blonde wavy hairstyle became fashionable again after 50 years.

Marilyn Monroe’s short hairstyle nowadays this way you can use anywhere. For the style that you can easily wash our hair at home before we give the hair volume with foam.

  • After giving volume to our hair with a blow dryer are adequately ventilate a little fluffing. 
  • Then our hair or finger thick tufts are doing our jobs by taking crimping tongs are screwed with buckle. 
  • After a little wait, our hair, we open in this way and are giving way to scan. 

Your hair is short at this old vintage style of Marilyn Monroecan increase your charm applying.

Yeşim Çelik Yayla
Marilyn Monroe vintage hairstyle
Marilyn Monroe vintage hairstyle

Marilyn Monroe curly vintage hairstyle
Marilyn Monroe curly vintage hairstyle

Marilyn Monroe curly vintage hairstyle with white skirt
Marilyn Monroe curly vintage hairstyle with white skirt

Marilyn Monroe smiling
Marilyn Monroe smiling