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Top Fashion Vintage Hairstyles

Our hair and smile always is our the biggest accessory. I wore what we wore our hair is not beautiful and well maintained and our faces are glum can never seem nice and beautiful. So our hair look natural and healthy is very important.

For over 25 years if I put in my hair from color to color, that radical change for me to have short hair I’ve always approached hesitantly. But this year mustered up my courage and had my hair cut. Do not say “short hairstyle does not suit me”. I’m sure a beautiful hairstyle to suit your face will fit to you. But for a sparkling look natural and it does not matter your hair long. The important thing is to have your hair groomed and your smile on your face 🙂

When we look at 2014’s hair fashion has too many options. But the trend does not change unkempt hair, braids, bangs, assorted knobs, flashy crown of hair, curls, giving the hair a wet look separated side. Models are innumerable.

Which is the right model for your hair this summer did you decide that?

Remember, hairstyles change with the seasons. Practical and useful for daytime hairstyles, romantic hairstyles to select for the night if you move to the forefront of always. To know the latest fashion hair trends, day or night that will help you prepare. The weather gets warmer summer trends, new colors and models of creates. But do not forget: it is time for some classic never goes out of hairstyle.

If you think the small changes in your hair or if you want a new hairstyle.

In 2014 the most beautiful hair if you want to get yours, try this hairstyle. In recent times a lot of world famous stars that prefer vintage hairstyle…

Here is a look at some of the top fashion vintage hairstyles


Yesim Celik Yayla

Vintage Bridal Hair Short Models

Bridal candidates months before the start of the wedding dress and hairdo research.
All brides are usually long hair. Those who haircut, that they postponed their plans after the wedding.
But you should know your hair short, though there are many bridal hair model. Every bride will have long hair, he’s not a rule. It also looks better on short hair accessories. So the nice and charming bride with short hair can be.
Moreover, the models are very nice vintage bridal hair short. This year’s vintage fashion hairstyle that you can select one of the.

Yeşim Çelik Yayla

Short Hair In Style Vintage

Short Hair In Vintage Style

1926 – 1962 years between the short and rather sad legendary living a life of Marilyn Monroe short blonde wavy hairstyle became fashionable again after 50 years.

Marilyn Monroe’s short hairstyle nowadays this way you can use anywhere. For the style that you can easily wash our hair at home before we give the hair volume with foam.

  • After giving volume to our hair with a blow dryer are adequately ventilate a little fluffing. 
  • Then our hair or finger thick tufts are doing our jobs by taking crimping tongs are screwed with buckle. 
  • After a little wait, our hair, we open in this way and are giving way to scan. 

Your hair is short at this old vintage style of Marilyn Monroecan increase your charm applying.

Yeşim Çelik Yayla
Marilyn Monroe vintage hairstyle
Marilyn Monroe vintage hairstyle

Marilyn Monroe curly vintage hairstyle
Marilyn Monroe curly vintage hairstyle

Marilyn Monroe curly vintage hairstyle with white skirt
Marilyn Monroe curly vintage hairstyle with white skirt

Marilyn Monroe smiling
Marilyn Monroe smiling

Nostalgia Bridal Hair

Very simple and elegant, yet so romantic and seemingly innocent, this bun hairstyle, will add to your beauty. This nostalgia hair is for wedding or bridal.

Vintage hairstyle for wedding

Especially for women who are in preparation for marriage, I can easily recommend this model, which will complement your wedding dress with buckle by completing an extremely stylish look perfect’m sure you will.

Lovingly …

Yeşim Çelik Yayla

Nostalgia bridal hair
Nostalgia bridal hair