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Top Fashion Vintage Hairstyles

Our hair and smile always is our the biggest accessory. I wore what we wore our hair is not beautiful and well maintained and our faces are glum can never seem nice and beautiful. So our hair look natural and healthy is very important.

For over 25 years if I put in my hair from color to color, that radical change for me to have short hair I’ve always approached hesitantly. But this year mustered up my courage and had my hair cut. Do not say “short hairstyle does not suit me”. I’m sure a beautiful hairstyle to suit your face will fit to you. But for a sparkling look natural and it does not matter your hair long. The important thing is to have your hair groomed and your smile on your face 🙂

When we look at 2014’s hair fashion has too many options. But the trend does not change unkempt hair, braids, bangs, assorted knobs, flashy crown of hair, curls, giving the hair a wet look separated side. Models are innumerable.

Which is the right model for your hair this summer did you decide that?

Remember, hairstyles change with the seasons. Practical and useful for daytime hairstyles, romantic hairstyles to select for the night if you move to the forefront of always. To know the latest fashion hair trends, day or night that will help you prepare. The weather gets warmer summer trends, new colors and models of creates. But do not forget: it is time for some classic never goes out of hairstyle.

If you think the small changes in your hair or if you want a new hairstyle.

In 2014 the most beautiful hair if you want to get yours, try this hairstyle. In recent times a lot of world famous stars that prefer vintage hairstyle…

Here is a look at some of the top fashion vintage hairstyles


Yesim Celik Yayla

Vintage Hair And Modern Touches

If you separate the old and nostalgic 2014 If you have a fascination do your year.
As in the past in clothes are inspired hair!
Classic, stylish and nostalgic hair always attracts our interest.

We like them a lot of vintage hairstyles, 30, 40 years without any changes to previous versions does not mean that we will apply.
Vintage hair is always a good idea to apply modern touch!
New and old with different sides hair style allows you to enter be noticed in any environment.
Vintage with modern touches is applied to the hair model you put yourself apart!
Have changed with modern touches with vintage hairstyle be star of the night!
Here’s hairstyles vintage and modern touches!

Finger The Waves
Of popular hairstyle of the 1920s ladies finger waves.
In the 1950s sex symbol Marilyn Monroe had emerged with.
Finger the waves if you want to adapt it to the present day with modern touches, such the the classical model the waves in your hair do not spray galore.
Your hair hard and moving instead of motionless waves and the gentle waves do.
 Marilyn Monroe

Collected With Hair Scarf Hair

Modern interpretations of vintage hairstyles are one of the best celebrity Rihanna apply.
Try a model where the beautiful singer scarf and the results have been wonderful.
We are also using various scarf can be like Rihanna.
Install light waves to straight hair give hair scarf that’s it.


Rounded Hair

Rounding inward collected hair romantic indispensable for women!
To apply this vintage hairstyle take away your hair and curl inward on both sides.
You combine your hair back in a bun inward by crimping do.

Rounded Hair

Vintage Fashion Hairband

Showing the natural beauty of women, are long and healthy hair. Also to the long hair look more feminine and sexy sounds more appealing to men.
There are many advantages of long hair. You can apply the model you want for your long hair.
The trend of recent days, vintage hairstyles for long hair is also very easy to implement. In particular, using a variety of hair accessories you can get a very nice and different models.
2014 summer hair fashion “vintage hair band” is hair manageability at home or away which model should I do not have to think. Vintage hair bands will be your to the rescue. If you can not find time to wash your hair in a vintage headband can plug now. Also with vintage hair band in your hair can make you look more voluminous.

Yeşim Çelik Yayla

Modern Vintage Hair Styles

We feel good about ourselves, our hair is fine.

If you think that our hair is beautiful, the stylish dress even if we ourselves would feel bad gun. Our morale is damaged even some days, to feel good about ourselves, our hair style or hair color happens to us when we change.

If you are thinking of making a change in your hair style of hair styles you can try modern vintage. There are many models that you can do without going to the hairdresser. At home with the slightest touch of modern-vintage hair styles can apply to your hair. Thus, you will feel good about yourself as well as this year’s trend of modern fashion with vintage hair styles will be closely followed.

Modern Vintage Hair Style

Modern Vintage Hairstyles

Modern Vintage Hairstyle