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Huge Vintage Wavy Hairstyles

The longing for the past, not only in fashion hair model also prohibited. Especially the 60 – 70s influence is also reflected in this year’s hairstyle . This year, the popular hairstyle stylish clothes vintage hairstyles .
Particularly romantic , vintage coarse wavy hairstyles this year is preferred . Curly or straight hair with tongs to you by large waves can reach the natural and voluminous hair .

Huge vintage wavy hairstyles how is it done?

Quite easy to construct .
First, you need to flatten the hair curly . You take your hair straight hair , hair mousse or hair spray application need . Then you should dry your hair , your hair should be damp . Then 3 – 4 fingers thick tuft of hair are taking the wraps with tongs . We’re getting slowly curling , wait about 10 seconds . Wrap the ends of your hair tongs you wear it . All ‘re combing our hair gently with tongs after winding . We finish the process by hand in our hair and on our way . I’m sure they look great with fabulous large waves


Yeşim Çelik Yayla