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Huge Vintage Wavy Hairstyles

The longing for the past, not only in fashion hair model also prohibited. Especially the 60 – 70s influence is also reflected in this year’s hairstyle . This year, the popular hairstyle stylish clothes vintage hairstyles .
Particularly romantic , vintage coarse wavy hairstyles this year is preferred . Curly or straight hair with tongs to you by large waves can reach the natural and voluminous hair .

Huge vintage wavy hairstyles how is it done?

Quite easy to construct .
First, you need to flatten the hair curly . You take your hair straight hair , hair mousse or hair spray application need . Then you should dry your hair , your hair should be damp . Then 3 – 4 fingers thick tuft of hair are taking the wraps with tongs . We’re getting slowly curling , wait about 10 seconds . Wrap the ends of your hair tongs you wear it . All ‘re combing our hair gently with tongs after winding . We finish the process by hand in our hair and on our way . I’m sure they look great with fabulous large waves


Yeşim Çelik Yayla

Easy Vintage Hair Model

As with clothes and shoes and hairstyle are living in the era of nostalgia as well. Approximately 50 – 60 years ago, hairstyles, women today again became the favorite.

Some of the vintage hairstyle can easily do at home yourself.

You do not have the time to go to the hairdresser, but still want to look attractive and pleasant. I’m sure you’ll look great with a few small touches.

This easy to make vintage hairstyle:

  • After the shower then dry our hair, we roll with curlers. 
  • If you do not curler at home we can do with this process clasp. 
  • Our hair while waiting for a while in this way, we can do our makeup. 
  • We’re getting our clothes are wearing curlers and then. 
  • After wearing our clothes, so we give a few little touch. 

This simple vintage hairstyle, her hair gathered or recommend our leaving, you can use shaping as desired.

easy vintage hairstyle

How To Do Vintage Hairstyles

This year’s vintage hairstyle trend that will continue to investigate .

Adapted to the present re-used with modern touches one of the oldest hairstyle for you chose. These models are we before we were born as a baby or was very fashionable.

Vintage Hairstyles How?

This model can take a long time to make, but the results will be fantastic.

  • First, we collect our hair from behind. 
  • Starting ahead of all the rest of our hair with curling irons are screwed with twirls and buckle. 
  • Then we apply this process for all of our hair.

After waiting a while, the individual stickers are starting to buckle our hair. We’re combing our hair back gently removing the buckle and buckle are screwed with. Thus the length of our hair long and straight, which is getting shorter and wavy.

This vintage hairstyle can do now that you’ve learned how to do it. I’m sure it would be nice and stylish.