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Top Fashion Vintage Hairstyles

Our hair and smile always is our the biggest accessory. I wore what we wore our hair is not beautiful and well maintained and our faces are glum can never seem nice and beautiful. So our hair look natural and healthy is very important.

For over 25 years if I put in my hair from color to color, that radical change for me to have short hair I’ve always approached hesitantly. But this year mustered up my courage and had my hair cut. Do not say “short hairstyle does not suit me”. I’m sure a beautiful hairstyle to suit your face will fit to you. But for a sparkling look natural and it does not matter your hair long. The important thing is to have your hair groomed and your smile on your face 🙂

When we look at 2014’s hair fashion has too many options. But the trend does not change unkempt hair, braids, bangs, assorted knobs, flashy crown of hair, curls, giving the hair a wet look separated side. Models are innumerable.

Which is the right model for your hair this summer did you decide that?

Remember, hairstyles change with the seasons. Practical and useful for daytime hairstyles, romantic hairstyles to select for the night if you move to the forefront of always. To know the latest fashion hair trends, day or night that will help you prepare. The weather gets warmer summer trends, new colors and models of creates. But do not forget: it is time for some classic never goes out of hairstyle.

If you think the small changes in your hair or if you want a new hairstyle.

In 2014 the most beautiful hair if you want to get yours, try this hairstyle. In recent times a lot of world famous stars that prefer vintage hairstyle…

Here is a look at some of the top fashion vintage hairstyles


Yesim Celik Yayla

Vintage Short Hairstyles of Celebritieslet

A few years ago many of us were afraid to cut our hair, even from the end.Now it? Short-haired women is increasing. In recent years has significantly increased the number of women with short hair.Wear your hair too want to make changes, or if you say I’m so bored now …

Do not wait, go to your favorite models by choosing hairdresser.

Which model would suit you to find the short hair to short hair, a look of celebrities. Your face and your style, select the most appropriate model!
Last year, the trendy short hairstyles with vintage sounds appealing to you,
if vintage short hairstyles of celebritieslet us examine together.

Charlize Theron
Charlize are used to seeing short hair, but this model has a different place of her choice.
This hairstyle bangs falling on your face and give her more lively expression showed much younger than.

Charlize Theron

Lady Gaga
Almost every concert are used to seeing with a different hairstyle Lady Gaga’s hair style its simplest, this romantic, I guess.

Lady Gaga

Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway, consistently emerges with different short hairstyle.

Anna Hathaway

Rihanna short hair certainly looks good. The model of a frame around the face, I think it Reveal the perfect face.


Emma Watson
Famous star natural hair color, the hair behind the ear with at season’s fashions have adapted to

Emma Watson

Katherine Heigl
Katherine Heigl not give up hair color, her hair gave a very nice bun image. If you want to try such a model, giving your hair unbranched or light waves foam or jelly scan backwards and insert the rear buckle.

Katherine Heigl

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham the pioneer of asymmetric hairstyles, hair in recent years prefers to gain volume.

Victoria Beckham

Halle Berry
Always short and wet-looking models we are accustomed to seeing this famous actress Halle Berry haircut certainly very natural. Wavy hair has been allowed to remain as it left scattered. Halle Berry looks very attractive

Halle Berry Waving ca. 2001

Milla Jovovich
Beautiful actress in this short hairstyle has created waves by preferring a different air. Milla hair Jovovich’n this an excellent choice for a special night.

Milla Jovovich

Renee Zellweger
Short hairstyles bangs in a model that we see a lot of use. Renee Zellweger was brave. Long, sparse has opted for bangs. The unkempt hair off your eyebrows look younger than than her years

Renee Zellweger

Keri Hilson
Beside ear, ending with combed hair sideways looks pretty cool, Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson


Celebrities Vintage Hairstyle Gallery:

Vintage Long Hairstyles

I liked the long hair sometimes does not even like fashion ever. Always have many models in fashion for long hair. This year that trend vintage long hairstyles for women, sexy and mysterious is innocent. If you’re tired of making your hair bun can try different models. The following model I liked very much. This vintage long hair models a little difficult to do yourself at home. For that reason, your hairdresser or can ask for help from a friend.

Vintage Braided Hair Knobs

This year’s trend of vintage hairstyle bun hairstyle looks great on all women.
Vintage braided bun models, as well as classic outfit can easily be used in sports clothing. 

Moreover, very easy to do. If you have long hair vintage braided hair bun just right for you. 
Very often favored by celebrities hairstyle some of this for you chose.

Time Vintage Wavy Hairstyles

Legend of Rita Hayworth players brought into fashion in the 1940s wavy hairstyle time this year, has become indispensable for stylish ladies. 

Making vakl seem difficult hairstyle formerly performed with wet hair tongs time was expected to dry for 2 hours. 
Today, in a short time like 15 minutes WAG can be made easily with tongs. 
Each face shape or flattened by the wave of time-volume, open, collective waves can be made time.