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How to Vintage Hair Style

Of longing for the past, if you think that only happened in fashion, you are wrong. This year, the longing for the old models, the hair can be seen easily. In particular, the effects of the 70s, 90s coupled with the punk look, and the images comes very enjoyable …

You one of those who fall under the spell of the past, we assure you will adore this hairstyle! Big waves, big curls and even the shortest models that separate this kind of harmony we we fell in love. Well, the world-famous star also recently greatly favored to reconsider a vintage hairstyle What do you think?

Vintage Hairs

60s, was composed of puffy hair and dark eye makeup, Blake at the CFDA Fashion Awards night has to adapt to both styles. Beauty envoy, fashion night of the Grammys, with voluminous hair and retro hair band joined. Blake seems to have traveled in a time machine!

You Apply: your hair, to protect the heat, apply a small amount of hair oil and a round brush to dry. Your hair, brush, turn around, and in this way the brush, hair dryer, continue to dragging toward the ends.Creped with the method embossments upper parts of your hair.After you plug in your chosen hair bands, hair spray tighten.

Modern Vintage Style Hair

Blake has joined another invitation on the same days if the hair style was very different the previous one. Classic and sophisticated hair style, and looks great with clothes.

You Apply: to try this style yourself, you apply the same in the following applications. However, only the tips of your hair, round brush to curl. After completing operations, your hair, take the side, and the holder with a hair spray, provide permanence.With a vintage hair style can dazzling you!

Here is vintage hair! Longing for the past, with vintage hairstyle shows itself. Stylish in one night, might inspire you, these models do look…

Blake Lively Met Ball 2014

      Blake Lively Met Ball 2014




               BLAKE LIVELY

Modern Vintage Style Hair

Steps of Making 1960’s Beehive Hairstyles

In 1960s the beautiful hair was holding equivalent of fluffy hair styles. In this respect beehive hairstyle became popular between women. The hair with exaggerates postures end excessive atop fluffy hair is a named of beehive hair.

So, how this beehive hair style is made on step by step, let’s try to explain.

Beehive hairstyle, hair in a bun and half raised a hill collected occurring as a hairstyle shows itself.

Using back- combing method is the main step for beehive hairstyles; because of back-combing is the best way for giving high heel seems to the hair.

  • First of all you must be sure that your hair is totally dry. After that, you take small pieces from your hair and through this with large hard curling iron. These curls must be cool and stabilized while you mix them.


  • Using back combing method through the entire crown of the head. With using ratting comb, until to the fluff’s back up the heavens.


  • After the base of the other name rat is created, you take pieces from line by line of the base and smooth them within the top of the rat. Repeat this process with all the hair and hairline. Leave only one of the curls in front of the hair. It will be the accent girl of this hairstyle.


  • Through ending of the rats and smoothed pieces gathering. With using a large booby pins or two twist to secure the hairstyles’ stabilizing.


  • Smooth the back sides of hair back and pin them to the twist.


  • Twist end arranged with pinned curls. This is behind made very nicely and carefully.


  • Take a piece of hair in a same way from the each of the ear and pin them under the twist. It is the narrow of this hairstyle.


  • After that, a couple curls below the twist pinned. These curls are more than the beginning curls pieces.


  • The curls, that is remained at the beginning is arranged on one side, left or right whatever you want. And pinned it.


  • For stabilizing the hairstyle, using hairspray. At the point that be careful for using hairspray s it must be using the far from the hair.

Vintage Hollywood Hair Styles

In the new season women elegant, stylish and full of Hollywood star will be as flashy.
Of the 1960s, the famous star of elegance, grace and hair style continues to attract the attention of today’s women.

Vintage Hollywood hair styles; seductive curls, elegant updos, Ertzeid Křepel fluffy hair and inspire hairdressers with hair.

No one is evergreen and always take a look to the hair style of iconic Hollywood stars What do you think?
For instance; Rita Haywort vaglia hair, Sophia Loren křepel and fluffy hair, Elizabeth Taylor’s wavy hair, Grace Kelly’s elegant knobs, Britget Bardot’s voluminous and fluffy hair vintage Hollywood hair styles in the most remarkable ones.


Vintage Hollywood Hairstyles
Rita Hayworth vintage hairstyle

Vintage Hollywood Hairstyles
Sophia Loren vintage hairstyle

Vintage Hollywood Hairstyles
Elizabeth Taylor vintage hairstyle

Vintage Hollywood Hairstyles
Grace Kelly vintage hairstyle

Vintage Hollywood Hairstyles
Bridget Bardot vintage hairstyle