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How to Vintage Hair Style

Of longing for the past, if you think that only happened in fashion, you are wrong. This year, the longing for the old models, the hair can be seen easily. In particular, the effects of the 70s, 90s coupled with the punk look, and the images comes very enjoyable …

You one of those who fall under the spell of the past, we assure you will adore this hairstyle! Big waves, big curls and even the shortest models that separate this kind of harmony we we fell in love. Well, the world-famous star also recently greatly favored to reconsider a vintage hairstyle What do you think?

Vintage Hairs

60s, was composed of puffy hair and dark eye makeup, Blake at the CFDA Fashion Awards night has to adapt to both styles. Beauty envoy, fashion night of the Grammys, with voluminous hair and retro hair band joined. Blake seems to have traveled in a time machine!

You Apply: your hair, to protect the heat, apply a small amount of hair oil and a round brush to dry. Your hair, brush, turn around, and in this way the brush, hair dryer, continue to dragging toward the ends.Creped with the method embossments upper parts of your hair.After you plug in your chosen hair bands, hair spray tighten.

Modern Vintage Style Hair

Blake has joined another invitation on the same days if the hair style was very different the previous one. Classic and sophisticated hair style, and looks great with clothes.

You Apply: to try this style yourself, you apply the same in the following applications. However, only the tips of your hair, round brush to curl. After completing operations, your hair, take the side, and the holder with a hair spray, provide permanence.With a vintage hair style can dazzling you!

Here is vintage hair! Longing for the past, with vintage hairstyle shows itself. Stylish in one night, might inspire you, these models do look…

Blake Lively Met Ball 2014

      Blake Lively Met Ball 2014




               BLAKE LIVELY

Modern Vintage Style Hair

From Past to Today Vintage Hair Styles

1930: Finger Wave

Hair trend of 1930 was a continuation of the 1920s.Biggest difference between the start of the women were dressed feminine.Finger wave have come ancient times to the present day an excellent model. This model is really to do with the fingers, finger wave is named. Both long and short haired women can use finger waves, composed of small and frequent waves hairstyle.

finger wave

1950: Hollywood

1950 is not possible to describe a single hairstyle. This period was a period of excellent women glamorous hair. Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Lucille Ball, Elizabeth Taylor as beautiful as the 1950s were famous. Everything they did was going fashion

Audrey Hepburn Hair

1960: Hippie Hairstyles

1960s Hippie Just comes to mind.
Through the Beatles Group in this period, not only in women, long hair, was very fashionable in men.
Hippies believed in naturalness. So long hair, using natural state; They were wearing bandanas or hair band.

hippie hairhippie hairs


1970: Disco Fashion

It was about everything in the 70s with disco.Everything from the clothes to the hair was reminiscent of the disco fashion.Farrah Fawcett was the queen of disco fashion

Farrah Fawcett Hair

1980: Madonna Hair Style

Madonna lived in period the most popular in the 1980s.
That time it was Lady Gaga.
Doing many things never been seen before, was a lot of talk.
Before long, everyone started to have a perm in hair like her

Madonna Hair Madonna Hairs


1990: Jennifer Aniston Hair Style

Jennifer Aniston in the 1990s for her role as Rachel in Friends series has attracted attention top of.
All the women wanted to have hair like her.
Aniston’s hair is still a lot of women use beauty, fabulous color and short bangs on the front side

Jennifer Aniston hair Jennifer Aniston Hairs

2000: Huge Waves and Flat Hair

The trends in hair fashion image of the past 10 years, long and big wavy hair.Britney Spears those applying this trend.Hair dryer made with flat hair at the beginning of the past 10 years of the classic models.Christina Aguilera uses at most famous of these models.Britney and Christina launched between these two trend are still women’s favorite .

Christina Aguilera HairBritney Spears Hair


Hairstyle Gallery:



Time Vintage Wavy Hairstyles

Legend of Rita Hayworth players brought into fashion in the 1940s wavy hairstyle time this year, has become indispensable for stylish ladies. 

Making vakl seem difficult hairstyle formerly performed with wet hair tongs time was expected to dry for 2 hours. 
Today, in a short time like 15 minutes WAG can be made easily with tongs. 
Each face shape or flattened by the wave of time-volume, open, collective waves can be made time.

Huge Vintage Wavy Hairstyles

The longing for the past, not only in fashion hair model also prohibited. Especially the 60 – 70s influence is also reflected in this year’s hairstyle . This year, the popular hairstyle stylish clothes vintage hairstyles .
Particularly romantic , vintage coarse wavy hairstyles this year is preferred . Curly or straight hair with tongs to you by large waves can reach the natural and voluminous hair .

Huge vintage wavy hairstyles how is it done?

Quite easy to construct .
First, you need to flatten the hair curly . You take your hair straight hair , hair mousse or hair spray application need . Then you should dry your hair , your hair should be damp . Then 3 – 4 fingers thick tuft of hair are taking the wraps with tongs . We’re getting slowly curling , wait about 10 seconds . Wrap the ends of your hair tongs you wear it . All ‘re combing our hair gently with tongs after winding . We finish the process by hand in our hair and on our way . I’m sure they look great with fabulous large waves


Yeşim Çelik Yayla

Vintage Hair Accessories

Return to the old fashion of many things that happened this year in hair belonging to the 1950s, vintage hair fashion continues .

What accessories were used in hair 1950s?

Hair bands, gauzy hats, flowers, assorted buckles, stone crown and similar vintage hair accessories, vintage hairstyle is very good in implementing many of the assistants .

Hair curlers and hair spray , with the help of this model we can do easily at home , combined with a variety of accessories are created great hairstyles. Sparkling and glamorous, vintage inspired hair accessories with a stylish dress on special nights like that you can use in daily life, there are accessories that may be preferred .

Here are a few models made ​​with vintage hair accessories ;


Yeşim Çelik Yayla