Vintage Hair Model S and Curler

In ancient times, people cave hair, to prevent it from coming over your eyes, if you use small stones. In ancient times people hair types and models if symptoms of social class they belong to. Hairdresser concept of appeared in the 1600s. If the first hairdressing academy opened in the 1800s in America. Hair and fashion of the 1900’s and 2000’s of years was not considered separately.

In the last years; old hairstyles are back in fashion. If you separate the old and nostalgic 2014 If you have a fascination Do your year.
Vintage after vintage dresses, shoes, hairstyles, and also began find a place in our lives. Never wear hair nostalgic nowadays are finding life again.
Different hairstyles and cuts for the summer looking for the best hairstyle I’ve compiled for you. Here vintage hairstyles of the 1900s and of the S Hair Model Models Bigudil.

S Hair Model

S adds an air virile hairstyle for women has become very popular. This, with the women’s rights movement in the ’20s were closely related. One of the effects this period in history is S hairstyle.
S wavy hair, hairstyles of the most popular vintage. Taking hair from the side, by collecting all the hair and the hair on one side by the S-shaped waves can apply this model.
S should use curling irons or curler to create waves. You should also give shape to your hair with hair spray. This old hairstyle, nowadays, a perfect choice for a stylish night. S hairstyle, collective hair or hair accessories used with different.


Curler was popular in the ’40s. The ’40s were years of noble but be practical.
Long hair and light waves, the trend of this period.
After World War 2 women began to use hair curler to corrugate.
The indispensable time without curling, curler curling tool. A pinch of hair from both sides of the curler made ​​by winding, half a collective hairstyles; or a pinch of hair from the front of the curler made by wrapping knobs; bigudil hair is one of the vintage. One-time classic, this hair, now makes very nice images.

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