Vintage Hair Fashion

Vintage hair fashion
Vintage hair fashion

Vintage Hair Fashion

Nostalgia in recent days has increased the interest in clothes, shoes, hair, came as saying. Fashions of 2014 vintage hairstyle and choosing for one of the stages I told you. With this model you can easily home to add charm to your charm.

Are you ready to make it yourself?

  1. First, we start by giving our hair with hair spray volume.
  2. Then, picking up the back side of the buckle screwed with two lock of hair are separated.
  3. Book 2 pinches we’re getting our hair weaving mesh on the sides 2
  4. These two mesh by looping through the rear of the topuzu are screwed with buckles on the sides.
A suitable place flowers at the side of your ear to your clothing when you’re ready to night, it’s that easy.


Yeşim Çelik Yayla

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