Vintage Hair Fashion (2)

Vintage hair fashion
Vintage hair fashion

Vintage Hair Fashion (2) 

How to make vintage hairstyles at home?

In the past, famous artist, film stars are accustomed to seeing the vintage hair styles are very popular this year. Giving it a quite noble and charming women of these models, I am sure you too will fit. Here you can apply at home is a beautiful model of tin …

  1. First lock of hair, taking hair from under our 2 above, are making a bun as we want,
  2. Book 2 pinches that we are bringing into our hair a little small tufts, 
  3. A small pinch each, par screwed with our jobs are upwardly pivoting buckle.

How? Quite easy, is not it?

Lovingly …

Yesim Celik Yayla

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