Vintage Hair And Modern Touches

If you separate the old and nostalgic 2014 If you have a fascination do your year.
As in the past in clothes are inspired hair!
Classic, stylish and nostalgic hair always attracts our interest.

We like them a lot of vintage hairstyles, 30, 40 years without any changes to previous versions does not mean that we will apply.
Vintage hair is always a good idea to apply modern touch!
New and old with different sides hair style allows you to enter be noticed in any environment.
Vintage with modern touches is applied to the hair model you put yourself apart!
Have changed with modern touches with vintage hairstyle be star of the night!
Here’s hairstyles vintage and modern touches!

Finger The Waves
Of popular hairstyle of the 1920s ladies finger waves.
In the 1950s sex symbol Marilyn Monroe had emerged with.
Finger the waves if you want to adapt it to the present day with modern touches, such the the classical model the waves in your hair do not spray galore.
Your hair hard and moving instead of motionless waves and the gentle waves do.
 Marilyn Monroe

Collected With Hair Scarf Hair

Modern interpretations of vintage hairstyles are one of the best celebrity Rihanna apply.
Try a model where the beautiful singer scarf and the results have been wonderful.
We are also using various scarf can be like Rihanna.
Install light waves to straight hair give hair scarf that’s it.


Rounded Hair

Rounding inward collected hair romantic indispensable for women!
To apply this vintage hairstyle take away your hair and curl inward on both sides.
You combine your hair back in a bun inward by crimping do.

Rounded Hair

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