The Vintage Comb Out

The comb for hairs is the step for creating soft fluffy vintage hairs with curls. The comb-out step is the most important step for vintage hairstyles, after pin curling, rolling and made ready to hair to styling; because, it identifies how to look a hair appear.

We can explain the points of tips, which we can, should note that in the comb- out process in vintage hairstyles.

Only combing dry hair is one of the points for comb-out of hair. The hair should be totally dry before combing. Otherwise, the hair will damaged and curlswill drop, through these, the shape of vintage curls will lose its shape and attractive appearance.
If there is no long time for drying hair by itself; it may be used hair dryer. Either, pin curl or roll hair. The time released the curls; you understand that the hair is totally dry.

For natural vintage hair curly hairstyle, using brush for comb -out curls is the alternative way. If you don’t want to give a flick or deep shape waves for your hair, you don’t use the comb. Some poor quality plastic combs create static at hair and   these are separate the hairs with standard curls shape. So it is far from the vintage curls model. Wit using brush, hair curls looking with soft fluffy hairstyle.

The first time for brush in, it seems with smooth waves. After brushing more, the hair is falling in to the line. According to this point, more brushing is not affect the strong of the vintage curls strengths; instead, it damaged the shape and the nature of the curls.

You should brush your hair in a gentle way. Brushing with a lot force will damage the hair and the shape of the vintage curls, which is wanted to create.

If you want to smooth lines and the puffy curls in your hair shape, using backcombing is the way of making this. It takes the hair pieces together and helps to shape hair into smooth lines. The way that how to make these can be found within the many of videos on internet
For protecting the shape of your hair curls and making it light, you should use hairspray with a strong hold feature. But it is the point that must be considered is, not to use the hairspray too much into the hair. Too much hairspray implementation causes to down the curls of hairs and disrupt the shape of vintage appearance.


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