Katy Perry’s Vintage Hair Style with Using a GHD

Dave LaChapelle starring Katy Perry, for the advertising campaign of GHD hair straightener and curler introduced. In 1940s and 1950s, GHD Hair Straightener/Curler is created for the idea of vintage hair curling.

For many people’s opinion GHD Hair Straightener/Curler is not very affective for vintage hairstyles with curling, because of the giving high heat to hair. Though, it is very effective way to straight to curly hairs, it is not created the curls enough attractive for vintage hairstyle authentic mode.
For making the Kate Perry’s vintage hairstylemodel in 1950s with GHD Hair Straightener/Curler, these are the steps below that we can explain how to make it.

  1. First step is separating the hair in a deep- side with using GHD tail comb and create a horizontal line at the front of the head.
  2. After that, with using GHD classic styler, rooting the pieces of hair and rotate 180 degree with lifting. If necessary, repeating this step, until obtaining the strong and fashion curls of vintage.
  3. Stabilize the hair curls with a booby pin, for providing the strength and the log lasting curls. Repeating these steps, until all hair of the head is curled to appropriate the vintage style.
  4. After these three steps, wait for 5 to 10minutes, for the hair to cool. Afterward, remove the booby pins, for allowing the hair to fall naturally and distribute the hair with less force by using your fingers. Finally, with protecting this vintage hairstyle shape for a long time, squeeze a hairspray.

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