Basic Reverse Side Roll With Pin Curls

Basic Reverse Side Roll With Pin Curls

The hair, the women had the most attention and the most important detail. In this regard, care of the hair and is in constant change associated with the shape.

Hair styles, in terms of both men and women, express the style and image. In the past to the present is seen many hair model appeared. One of these hairstyles model is the vintage hairstyle models. Vintage hairstyles are particularly very popular in the 1940s and were used, by many famous singer and actress. In this respect, among the people, a trend spreading from the famous great interest has become a hair model.

Vintage hairstyle creates a different style in women and in particular air and sexy appeal with different shapes. Today, many famous people we saw in one of the most commonly used way of vintage model, basic reverse side roll. This hairstyle model property, your hair into the pinch inward refers to wrap with using pin curls. Also, with basic reverse side roll model, the hair kept from back up the face in front.

 We don’t need the hairdresser to make basic reverse side roll. It can be applied at home.

The corresponding element in the vintage hair curls models wrapped in reverse construction can be explained as follows.

It is important to notice that that pin curls closer to face overlaps.

You start off with a Crown to Ear side part. To make this hairstyle with crown to ear side of face. Then separate the hair with blocks in this area.

First, make hair block from the first row to the right point through to the left nearest to face. After that, do the second row combing with curly again. Do it, until all hair blocks finished. After combing, occur lovely rolls after this pin to secure the hair.

Basic reverse side roll
Basic reverse side roll

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