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Vintage Air in Weddings with Bride Accessories

In these days that we started to warm up to 2014, our admiration of vintage products reflect of weddings. Nowadays, vintage bridal accessories which is very popular in the fashion of the unabated popularity of the bride adorns dream. Well maybe totally vintage wedding zoomed concept but does not carry the spirit of the thing also falls to us to let you know. Because of mixing old with new and the eclectic fashion of presenting a visual feast corresponds precisely to the year 2014. If the rest of your family heirloom and an accessory if you have at least 25 years of what you’re in luck!

Now with the spirit of old, experience evokes different emotions in you with these stylish and elegant vintage bridal accessories from each other, let’s take a look at.

Vintage bridal accessories – Bridal Shoes

In today’s world it has become quite difficult to follow innovations. Innovation will make according to your needs rather than shopping in a while you come across with endless options trends, which your mind was quite busy.However, the situation is quite straight forward in the world of vintage. There is an endless option in front of you like that because of the new.

Just know yourself very well and how your wedding dress shoes will complete a good decision. Romantic touches of the 1940s, the feminine side of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s velvet and lots of flashy shoes with bow design is became the most preferable bridal shoes. When choosing shoes, comfort and ergonomics do not forget to take into consideration.

Hair Accessories – Vintage Bridal Accessories

Vintage bridal accessories section, the leading and most coveted arrived row. Vintage hair accessories from each other, aesthetic, delicate, and even ground meat cannot touch type. Look at the materials used, such as fragile. Old time products consistently for the hand-sewn, you also can store a lifetime to have such a precious part of something truly awesome.

Laced involving processing, crowns adorned with pearls, silver or gold adorned with precious stones on the floor of the hairpins; harmony, all of which will fascinate you.

Gloves – Vintage Bridal Accessories

Whatever your wedding dress fabric, her chances of finding a suitable pair of vintage gloves every time you have to. Choose your wedding dress according to the season and that will add an air of gloves you will definitely different. Which is perhaps the most popular of vintage bridal accessories that make you beautiful gloves, but you get out of the customary Get yourself a pair of vintage gloves. Your glove satin, suede, lace, leather or suede, it does not matter; you, you will feel like a princess for sure.

Veil Vintage Bridal Accessories

A bridal veil is one of the imperatives of the years, now you do not lose anything from its popularity. As for whom a tradition to wear veil for others has been an integral part of wedding dress. Vintage veil while quite varied according to the fashion show; long, short, and even with a head like a hat sitting on the right is also possible to find models

“The bride, bridal veil that is” If you thought you’ll love the vintage veil means.

NecklaceVintage Bridal Accessories

You can use with your wedding dress vintage necklace that you need to consider when choosing your wedding dress, and one of the most important things is to pass in front of you. Along with changing fashion from period to period which is more elegant than flashy jewelry up to review a wide range of people and stopped?

A great exaggerated stone left when it comes time to replace the tiny pearl, elegant revealed great necklaces adorning the neck has emerged.

We also fancy pearl necklace for you and examples of these exquisite flowers were collected. Hopefully you have been guiding our samples for your dream necklace.

The Ava Gardner Vintage Hairstyle

Ava Gardner is known of the famous star and also be admired with her beauty. So Ava Gardner’s dress style and also hairstyle is also being popular in 1940s.

Ava Gardner vintage hairstyle, of the 1940s hairstyles as one of the impressive emerges. Charming, elegant at the same time, this model, let’s examine how to do it by explaining steps.

1. For making this vintage hairstyle, in the beginning, first as a separate part to the swelling of the hair.

2. Get the rest of the hair parts in a horizontal manner and a soft brush or a comb backward scan.

3. Get clump of hair will then be embossed and correct. Then curl the hair in the form of pinch rolls forward. This rolls up to the scalp and continue the process of making.

4. Repeatthisfor both sidesof thebend.

5. Rolled up from both sides of the hair from the inside with booby pins fasten. Notes to be careful here, full of wires, are that you should go through the middle of curls.

6. To shape curls and curls from the sides to balance the stretch.

7. Then, separate it from both sides of your hair. Hold the rest of the back of the hair as if you want to make a ponytail, using your thumb, as the cylinder, the rear portion curl up to your scalp. Pull your thumb from the curve.

8. Attach to the inner side of the twisty part of several broad use bobby pins. Attach each of the two sides. Make sure your hair is fixed.

9. Make sure that the deterioration of the hair curl up with; you can fix your hair using bobby pin as you want.

10. After fixing her hair curls give the final shape of the edges by gently pulling.

11. In the final stage, curl your hair on the sides. And to complete the look of the hair model, use bobby pins into the wire buckles.


The Full-Un Veronica Lake Hairstyles

Which is one ofthe most spectacular styles of the 1940s hair models, the name of this model construction step, let’s explain. This model is the beginnings of the 1940s, based on the vintage model of the pin curl sets are made.

1 First, the forehead and the back part of the hair correcting the scan. Curve the hair, as well as towards the bottom of the hair. This process repeats until the loss of hair on the forehead lightly, and then gently roll towards that side buckle fasten wire.

2. From the top of your head to the back of the ear so taken with a pinch of your hair. And curve this wisp of curl in the opposite direction of the head. Pin up the hair parts by bending forward and then one side of the hair.

3. Then, get tuft of hair on the other side and pull it downwards. This takes the form of curls to the hair tuft, tuft of hair to the end of your finger.

4. From the opposite side as the second crimp to be the next slot to perform a wire by the help of booby pins.

5. Your 3 curves fixed and tight hair, make sure it stops. If it is necessary, fix your hair by using more wire clasp.

6. On your hair full of Veronica Lake model you’re ready to feel the breeze of vintage. Take a look at yourself in the mirror now and smile.


How to Modernize the Vintage Hairstyles with the Trend Of 2014

As in the past in clothes are inspired hairs! 2014 hairs that vintage hairstyles with a modern twist applied to the sheep out your differences! Classic, stylish and vintage hair is always admiring. We like them a lot of vintage hairstyles, 30, 40 years without causing any change to the previous state do not mean that we will apply.

It is a good idea that to implement a modern twist into vintage hairstyles. New and old with different facial hair style allows you to enter unnoticed in any environment that you have been.

Be the first star of the night with modern touches in vintage hairstyle. Let’s we look at to the vintage hairstyles and modern touch methods!

Finger waves

Of popular hairstyle of the 1920s girl finger waves, in the 1950s sex symbol Marilyn Monroe has emerged again with.

If you want to adapt it to today finger waves, waves in your hair. Do not spray in such abundance in the classical model. Your hair is have hard and moving instead of stationary waves and the gentle waves of data.

Scarf collected hair

Did you wear your hair straight with a slight wave scarves give your business right!

One of the best celebrity Rihanna apply that the modern interpretations of vintage hairstyle. Try a model where the beautiful singer scarf and the results have been fantastic. You too can be like Rihanna with flowery scarf.

Pony tail

In the 1960s, everything was fluffy and flashy, the hair, of course! In the 60s, the upper side embossed, spray ponytail, do not you know. This model can apply by you in a very easy way. You can take crepe to add a volume to the bottom of the hair. Want more of the above then your level if you want a tire barrette at the nape attach your tail. After that your majestic hair is ready!

Chopped bangs and short hair

Chopped bangs and short hair as it is now in the time of Audrey Hepburn was very popular. Fleeting ragged cut your hair to recover from the classic image untidy and unkempt hair to air. Only a few tufts of hair dye to color your hair that color may look spectacular!

Wavy blunt hair

Wavy hair blunt one of the models of the 1960’s indispensable! Fashion is current at the time of the girls; favorite wavy hair, sexy butt attracts us all with a view. This appearance adds a modern feel to your hair wavy blunt rebel. Rebel creates a view. Good girl waves distort and use the spray.

Rolling hair

Rolling inward collected hair romantic indispensable for women! Take your hair to the middle and the two sides’ inward curl. You combine your hair back in a bun inward meandering structure. Your hair is too tight fastening. Drills in your hair should be slightly loose and scattered, classical, modern and sexy look instead of appearing winning.

Dual knobs

Dual knob lived its golden age in the 90s are back! Gwen Stefanie’s career of rock connected indispensable hairstyle dual knobs, really cheerful and stunning.

90s grunge style, smooth, replace with knobs and finials create brilliant!

Steps of Making Classic Victory Rolls Vintage Hairstyles

Victory Rolls is one of the popular models in 1940s vintage hairstyles. Let’s we see how to made the classic Victory Rolls step by step.

How to make the classic Victory Rolls step by step?

  • First of all, you divide the hair pieces from one side to other from top of the head and behind he each of the ear.
  • After that, you comb the hair pieces which we divide up and back them.
  • You wrap the pieces the back around until all the pieces thumbs into the ends.
  • After that, you remove the curls of the thumb carefully and lay it smooth flat against to the head.
  • For stabilizing the curl into the head, you stick a pin inside of the curl ridge.
  • Pull up the ridge of curls for giving shape to the rolls. If necessary add pins gently and smooth the rolls front with using comb.
  • After you do the same thing on the other side of the hair.
  • Pin the backs of the rolls, and if there is necessary, you pin the bottom of the rolls.
  • You must be sure that the rolls are totally balance of the two sides of the head. If they are not seems to be balanced, you manipulate them, until, they seems to be balanced together.