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Vintage Hair Model S and Curler

In ancient times, people cave hair, to prevent it from coming over your eyes, if you use small stones. In ancient times people hair types and models if symptoms of social class they belong to. Hairdresser concept of appeared in the 1600s. If the first hairdressing academy opened in the 1800s in America. Hair and fashion of the 1900’s and 2000’s of years was not considered separately.

In the last years; old hairstyles are back in fashion. If you separate the old and nostalgic 2014 If you have a fascination Do your year.
Vintage after vintage dresses, shoes, hairstyles, and also began find a place in our lives. Never wear hair nostalgic nowadays are finding life again.
Different hairstyles and cuts for the summer looking for the best hairstyle I’ve compiled for you. Here vintage hairstyles of the 1900s and of the S Hair Model Models Bigudil.

S Hair Model

S adds an air virile hairstyle for women has become very popular. This, with the women’s rights movement in the ’20s were closely related. One of the effects this period in history is S hairstyle.
S wavy hair, hairstyles of the most popular vintage. Taking hair from the side, by collecting all the hair and the hair on one side by the S-shaped waves can apply this model.
S should use curling irons or curler to create waves. You should also give shape to your hair with hair spray. This old hairstyle, nowadays, a perfect choice for a stylish night. S hairstyle, collective hair or hair accessories used with different.


Curler was popular in the ’40s. The ’40s were years of noble but be practical.
Long hair and light waves, the trend of this period.
After World War 2 women began to use hair curler to corrugate.
The indispensable time without curling, curler curling tool. A pinch of hair from both sides of the curler made ​​by winding, half a collective hairstyles; or a pinch of hair from the front of the curler made by wrapping knobs; bigudil hair is one of the vintage. One-time classic, this hair, now makes very nice images.

Katy Perry’s Vintage Hair Style with Using a GHD

Dave LaChapelle starring Katy Perry, for the advertising campaign of GHD hair straightener and curler introduced. In 1940s and 1950s, GHD Hair Straightener/Curler is created for the idea of vintage hair curling.

For many people’s opinion GHD Hair Straightener/Curler is not very affective for vintage hairstyles with curling, because of the giving high heat to hair. Though, it is very effective way to straight to curly hairs, it is not created the curls enough attractive for vintage hairstyle authentic mode.
For making the Kate Perry’s vintage hairstylemodel in 1950s with GHD Hair Straightener/Curler, these are the steps below that we can explain how to make it.

  1. First step is separating the hair in a deep- side with using GHD tail comb and create a horizontal line at the front of the head.
  2. After that, with using GHD classic styler, rooting the pieces of hair and rotate 180 degree with lifting. If necessary, repeating this step, until obtaining the strong and fashion curls of vintage.
  3. Stabilize the hair curls with a booby pin, for providing the strength and the log lasting curls. Repeating these steps, until all hair of the head is curled to appropriate the vintage style.
  4. After these three steps, wait for 5 to 10minutes, for the hair to cool. Afterward, remove the booby pins, for allowing the hair to fall naturally and distribute the hair with less force by using your fingers. Finally, with protecting this vintage hairstyle shape for a long time, squeeze a hairspray.

The Vintage Comb Out

The comb for hairs is the step for creating soft fluffy vintage hairs with curls. The comb-out step is the most important step for vintage hairstyles, after pin curling, rolling and made ready to hair to styling; because, it identifies how to look a hair appear.

We can explain the points of tips, which we can, should note that in the comb- out process in vintage hairstyles.

Only combing dry hair is one of the points for comb-out of hair. The hair should be totally dry before combing. Otherwise, the hair will damaged and curlswill drop, through these, the shape of vintage curls will lose its shape and attractive appearance.
If there is no long time for drying hair by itself; it may be used hair dryer. Either, pin curl or roll hair. The time released the curls; you understand that the hair is totally dry.

For natural vintage hair curly hairstyle, using brush for comb -out curls is the alternative way. If you don’t want to give a flick or deep shape waves for your hair, you don’t use the comb. Some poor quality plastic combs create static at hair and   these are separate the hairs with standard curls shape. So it is far from the vintage curls model. Wit using brush, hair curls looking with soft fluffy hairstyle.

The first time for brush in, it seems with smooth waves. After brushing more, the hair is falling in to the line. According to this point, more brushing is not affect the strong of the vintage curls strengths; instead, it damaged the shape and the nature of the curls.

You should brush your hair in a gentle way. Brushing with a lot force will damage the hair and the shape of the vintage curls, which is wanted to create.

If you want to smooth lines and the puffy curls in your hair shape, using backcombing is the way of making this. It takes the hair pieces together and helps to shape hair into smooth lines. The way that how to make these can be found within the many of videos on internet
For protecting the shape of your hair curls and making it light, you should use hairspray with a strong hold feature. But it is the point that must be considered is, not to use the hairspray too much into the hair. Too much hairspray implementation causes to down the curls of hairs and disrupt the shape of vintage appearance.


Vintage hairstyles for blunt-cut hair

Vintage fashion of hair, resulting in the early 1900s, began as a stream and has become popular in 1920s. From this date remain popular with different styles is seen as the master of vintage hairstyle blunt cut hair also has great admiration.

At the beginning of 1900s blunt hairstyles in vogue now than in the glory by winning back. Especially, in the 1920s, these hairstylesnamed the attractive and sexy women image without an ordinary seen.

Non-boring, ordinary, or even everyone by not to be ordinary, which is considered a different style of modern and blunt cut hair, ladies by also sees great interest. This hair style is a daring hairstyle for many ladies of the expression, the number of women who use a vintage hairstyle isn’t very substantial number of.

A bit long, short, shoulder length, blunt-cut hair bangs, asymmetrical, which offers numerous uses. Gave the face as a result of compliance with the dress code and appearance of vintage hair models from the bob cut can look at everyone.

You can get a few different styles with small blunt – cut hairmodels and many famous star choices.

If your face is longer than bob style as short as possible. In this case, it will collect the attention to your face. Some floors are no part of the hair, which makes it light and vivid cutting lifeless. Soft with a bob style is formatted according to the facial features. Round face long bob style cut and your face will appear more beautiful with some volume in side.


Vintage hairstyles for blunt-cut hair

Vintage hairstyles for blunt-cut hair

Vintage hairstyles for blunt-cut hair

Vintage Hair And Modern Touches

If you separate the old and nostalgic 2014 If you have a fascination do your year.
As in the past in clothes are inspired hair!
Classic, stylish and nostalgic hair always attracts our interest.

We like them a lot of vintage hairstyles, 30, 40 years without any changes to previous versions does not mean that we will apply.
Vintage hair is always a good idea to apply modern touch!
New and old with different sides hair style allows you to enter be noticed in any environment.
Vintage with modern touches is applied to the hair model you put yourself apart!
Have changed with modern touches with vintage hairstyle be star of the night!
Here’s hairstyles vintage and modern touches!

Finger The Waves
Of popular hairstyle of the 1920s ladies finger waves.
In the 1950s sex symbol Marilyn Monroe had emerged with.
Finger the waves if you want to adapt it to the present day with modern touches, such the the classical model the waves in your hair do not spray galore.
Your hair hard and moving instead of motionless waves and the gentle waves do.
 Marilyn Monroe

Collected With Hair Scarf Hair

Modern interpretations of vintage hairstyles are one of the best celebrity Rihanna apply.
Try a model where the beautiful singer scarf and the results have been wonderful.
We are also using various scarf can be like Rihanna.
Install light waves to straight hair give hair scarf that’s it.


Rounded Hair

Rounding inward collected hair romantic indispensable for women!
To apply this vintage hairstyle take away your hair and curl inward on both sides.
You combine your hair back in a bun inward by crimping do.

Rounded Hair