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Vintage Hairstyles for Prom Party

When choosing your hairstyle for the prom venue should pay attention to your clothing and you’ll go.

At your age you need to stay away from any kind of exaggeration. 
An exaggerated makeup and hairstyle great showing your age may overshadow your beauty. 
Naturally you must remove your beauty to the forefront. 
Innocent, simple and natural appearing at the same time be able to look like a princess charming. 
This year, based on vintage hairstyles that are fashionable vintage hairstyles for prom party to go.
Yeşim Çelik Yayla

Vintage Bob Hairstyles

In the 1920s, the vintage was very fashionable bob hairstyle.

Bob cutting hair in the 1920s was a strong and independent women’s choices.
Is a symbol of strength and freedom vintage bob hairstyles are back in fashion this year. 
Today, celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes, which is also preferred that hairstyle very comfortable.
If you like using short hairstyle and vintage bob hairstyles you can try your courage. 
This hairstyle is very easy to shape and maintain the shape of the haircut is one of the most popular in the world.

Katie Holmes

Victoria Beckham

Easy Vintage Hair Model

As with clothes and shoes and hairstyle are living in the era of nostalgia as well. Approximately 50 – 60 years ago, hairstyles, women today again became the favorite.

Some of the vintage hairstyle can easily do at home yourself.

You do not have the time to go to the hairdresser, but still want to look attractive and pleasant. I’m sure you’ll look great with a few small touches.

This easy to make vintage hairstyle:

  • After the shower then dry our hair, we roll with curlers. 
  • If you do not curler at home we can do with this process clasp. 
  • Our hair while waiting for a while in this way, we can do our makeup. 
  • We’re getting our clothes are wearing curlers and then. 
  • After wearing our clothes, so we give a few little touch. 

This simple vintage hairstyle, her hair gathered or recommend our leaving, you can use shaping as desired.

easy vintage hairstyle

Vintage Hairstyles for Long Hair

Maintaining long hair is a little difficult. Though difficult to care for long hair is always more preferred because you can try a wide variety of models. Long hair wavy, straight, bun, braid and making so many different models you can use. This year, by hairdressers and ladies vintage hairstyles for long hair is preferred. Where you’re going and you can choose according to your clothing, long hair for the vintage models are very stylish.

For example, you can try a model with an elegant evening dress, this vintage hairstyles for long hair with your partner can not take his eyes from you. This models, which will give you a charming air must try.

Loving …
Vintage Hairstyles For Long
Vintage Hairstyles For Long

Bun Vintage Hairstyles

Bun vintage hairstyles; in recent days, at school, on the street, in shopping malls and in many environments, we begin to see the vintage models hair bun is indeed very convenient and comfortable. Each according to the environment you can choose a different vintage pattern hair bun or in a lot of places you can use a single model.

Each time, you can use it anywhere, suitable for all environments from a vintage pattern hair bun would like to share with you. In addition to our two tufts of hair before dedicating the remaining hair back in a simple bun collect.

Then we separate the tuft of hair on the sides of each one dedicating 2 and we roll on top of another by wrapping around the bun. Gems elegant evening dress with a buckle that you can use the knob models, sporting a casual outfit and you can also use.

vintage knob hairstyles
Vintage Bun Hairstyles

Yeşim Çelik Yayla