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Vintage Floral Bun Hairstyles

Bun hairstyles, is getting very comfortable on hot summer days. 

Bun hairstyle hot days, special events and nights, the day shopping in short, all the time, everywhere can use easily. Many bun hairstyle among the most romantic, most innocent ones I share. 
Vintage floral bun hairstyles looks very romantic and very innocent. It’s easy to do hair bun. All knobs can decorate with flower patterns. Looks very nice indeed

Time Vintage Wavy Hairstyles

Legend of Rita Hayworth players brought into fashion in the 1940s wavy hairstyle time this year, has become indispensable for stylish ladies. 

Making vakl seem difficult hairstyle formerly performed with wet hair tongs time was expected to dry for 2 hours. 
Today, in a short time like 15 minutes WAG can be made easily with tongs. 
Each face shape or flattened by the wave of time-volume, open, collective waves can be made time.

Vintage Bridal Hair Short Models

Bridal candidates months before the start of the wedding dress and hairdo research.
All brides are usually long hair. Those who haircut, that they postponed their plans after the wedding.
But you should know your hair short, though there are many bridal hair model. Every bride will have long hair, he’s not a rule. It also looks better on short hair accessories. So the nice and charming bride with short hair can be.
Moreover, the models are very nice vintage bridal hair short. This year’s vintage fashion hairstyle that you can select one of the.

Yeşim Çelik Yayla

Huge Vintage Wavy Hairstyles

The longing for the past, not only in fashion hair model also prohibited. Especially the 60 – 70s influence is also reflected in this year’s hairstyle . This year, the popular hairstyle stylish clothes vintage hairstyles .
Particularly romantic , vintage coarse wavy hairstyles this year is preferred . Curly or straight hair with tongs to you by large waves can reach the natural and voluminous hair .

Huge vintage wavy hairstyles how is it done?

Quite easy to construct .
First, you need to flatten the hair curly . You take your hair straight hair , hair mousse or hair spray application need . Then you should dry your hair , your hair should be damp . Then 3 – 4 fingers thick tuft of hair are taking the wraps with tongs . We’re getting slowly curling , wait about 10 seconds . Wrap the ends of your hair tongs you wear it . All ‘re combing our hair gently with tongs after winding . We finish the process by hand in our hair and on our way . I’m sure they look great with fabulous large waves


Yeşim Çelik Yayla

Vintage Hairstyles for Long Hair

Black and white photographs in the movies we see and we remember our grandmothers vintage hairstyles became fashionable again after years.

An adaptation of vintage with a modern twist hairstyles are very popular this season.
Every aspect that you can find a suitable model for a haircut vintage hairstyles really worth.
The beautiful hair is long for you to do one of these models.

You can easily do at home, vintage hairstyles for long hair is really spectacular.

Vintage hairstyles for long hair to see what do you think?

Vintage Hairstyles for Long Hair Gallery: